Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business: LinkedIn

In 2023, LinkedIn officially reached one billion members.

These users span 200 countries and territories around the world, all of whom use this social media channel for business networking and career growth.

But who are these members, really? Do Linkedin’s user demographics overlap with your customer base? Will posting on this platform be a shout into the void, or will it bring you meaningful engagement and brand awareness?

In the third segment of our series, find out if your brand should build a presence on the world’s premier business networking platform.

LinkedIn Demographics

The biggest difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is its B2B focus. In fact, this channel boasts being the #1 platform for B2B lead generation.

Those leads are nothing to snuff at, either. According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, its platform has “2x the buying power of the average web audience.” This channel is home to 10 million C-Suite executives, with 80% of total users driving business decisions.

What do these stats mean for you? If your company is B2B, then LinkedIn is a must for reaching professional decision-makers with buying power.

However, other factors like education level, age, and location should inform how LinkedIn fits into your overall social media strategy. Pew Research reported in 2021 that 51% of adults with a bachelor’s degree and higher use LinkedIn. Moreover, a 2023 study from DataReportal, We Are Social, and Meltwater found that men make up more than 56% of LinkedIn’s ad audience and that over 95% of users are under the age of 55. So, if your target audience skews male and includes younger, highly educated professionals (particularly Millennials), LinkedIn is the ideal place to reach them.

If your B2B audience doesn’t fit this profile, LinkedIn can still be a valuable place for building brand recognition and generating leads. However, it may be prudent to pair this platform with another channel more tailored to your other audience demographics, like Facebook.

What if your customer base is international? While the US boasts the largest user group of any other country, the majority of LinkedIn’s users are outside the United States–with India, China, and Brazil making the top of the list. (Data Reportal; We Are Social; Meltwater, 2023). So, whether you’re aiming for a nationwide or global reach, LinkedIn can help put your brand in front of the right people.

Content Strategy

If you’ve decided that LinkedIn is right for your business, be sure to follow these guidelines to maximize your ROI:

Keep the tone professional. Since LinkedIn is a business network first and foremost, make sure your content carries a decisive and professional tone. You want to present yourself as an authority in the field, not as a buddy or a neighbor. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from using the occasional emoji or well-placed meme, but it does mean that you should lead with an air of professionalism.

Lean into thought leadership. LinkedIn is a hub for thought leadership, where users all but expect to see original insights and industry trends from the companies they follow. Your brand can meet this expectation by featuring blog content from your website and sharing curated articles with your LinkedIn audience. Remember: Decision-makers will be reading your posts, and the level of expertise that you convey may determine whether they purchase your product or service.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s recruiting features. Remember that this channel isn’t just for gaining new customers, but new employees as well. LinkedIn reports that 61 million people use their platform every week to search for jobs. So, if you are actively recruiting, you can create a job posting and reach a vast network of qualified professionals.

Final Thoughts

Somewhere among LinkedIn’s one billion members is your B2B audience–but whether or not you can reach them depends on the quality of your social media strategy.
Atomic Idea can help you build meaningful brand recognition on LinkedIn and stand out from your competitors with a combination of focused messaging and thought leadership. Contact us today for a free social media strategy consultation.

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