of atomic idea

An atomic reaction can only occur with just the right elements in just the right environment, with a perfect process and timing. When it does, it’s one of the most powerful phenomena in the universe. There’s a fundamental truth somewhere in that equation: in the right conditions, small things can generate great power.

Duane Ciacco and Keith Durbin founded Atomic Idea on the belief that strong relationships, bold ideas, and great execution backed by solid strategy can power incredible growth for businesses. In isolation, each of those elements is just that. But when combined into a dynamic strategy, growth is inevitable—and potentially, exponential. We believe in this equation because it works. But our path to discovering it didn’t begin with the results. It began with experience.

Duane and Keith crossed paths working their way through college and quickly discovered a remarkable creative chemistry. While Duane studied Mass Communications and Studio Art (photography) at the University of Denver, Keith studied Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Colorado. What began as a friendship and a shared love for art and the outdoors evolved into a dynamic connection that spanned decades, as both forged successful paths in marketing, advertising, and design. Duane has worked as an account director and strategist for major agencies, while Keith has been a designer and art director for countless influential brands. After years of independent success, the timing was right in 2018, when both Duane and Keith possessed the elements necessary to create something amazing in Atomic Idea.

Cream Puff Incident of 1993

The result is a small yet powerful creative brand agency with all the right elements to generate business growth. Duane’s blend of Big Idea strategic thinking and savvy business sense balances perfectly with Keith’s proven talents as a designer and art director. Mix in a few bright creatives, strategists and gifted developers, and you have Atomic Power.


At Atomic Idea, you’ll work with one of the best brand and marketing teams in Colorado.