Amplify Your Storytelling

At Atomic Idea, we believe there is no better way to engage with your customers than by telling your story with video. Video is a powerful tool to tell your story, since it creates a connection not possible with copy alone.

Our experience in video production in Colorado traces back 30 years. Atomic Idea’s passion for telling stories started with graphic design and still photography and evolved into motion video and film. We also have several years of experience working with experiential marketing, often using video as a component of multi-sensory customer engagement.

Atomic Idea Graphic Animation Reel


Duane Ciacco has a BA in Mass Communications and Studio Art (photography), which provided the springboard to a career always connected to video and film. From large-budget TV commercials to corporate videos to non-profit videos, Duane has done it all. Check out Duane’s full portfolio of work as a Director/Producer.

He is an expert at handling on-camera interviews, directing a crew on set, or managing the post-production process. Duane has produced and directed two documentaries, including The Mouth: Window to the Body, which followed a team of dentists, oral surgeons, and others as they treated children with HIV in Uganda, Africa.

Keith Durbin earned a degree from the Art Institute. He has been an art director working with 3D animators, editors, and VO talent his entire career. He also provides strategy, concepts, storyboards, and 2D graphic packages for video projects.

Keith has worked with several ad agencies and corporate marketing departments, producing TV commercials and videos for clients like Range Rover, Kuni Lexus, GNC, Cloudmark, Parade of Homes, and Universal Technical Institute.


At Atomic Idea, we produce powerful videos, whether they are testimonials, infographic animations, sales and marketing, internal communications, training, or documentaries. We will guide you through the whole process of professional video production, from concept to scripting and storyboarding to final production and delivery.

Wyzowl figures show that 91% of companies have begun employing video content marketing. 96% of those businesses believe that this is a crucial component of their overall strategy. 92% of organizations believe that video marketing delivers them a strong ROI, which is what is driving this trend. Our team has the ability to scale up or down production based on your budget needs and provide quality video production services in Colorado. So, let’s discuss your story and how Atomic Idea can bring it to life!

93 percent of marketers are using video content in their marketing campaigns, according to a Reel SEO Video Marketing Survey and Business Trends Report.

ADVANTAGES Of Video Production Services

Video marketing is an effective way to connect with your target audience and develop your brand. Corporate and business videos are no longer seen as an extravagance in a company’s marketing plan. Whether you run a little business or are part of a major corporation, hiring animated video production services in Colorado is now considered a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy.


Video allows for considerably faster assimilation of knowledge. Therefore, consumers are more likely to reflect on it versus reading text content.


Video content is popular, relevant, and entertaining. By including video marketing in your approach, you will have the chance to reach a sizable audience of potential clients.


Professionally-shot videos increase your credibility. It frequently attracts the largest audience to a business, builds trust, and produces leads or sales.


At Atomic Idea, you’ll work with one of the best brand and marketing teams in Colorado.