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At Atomic Idea we approach website development from a storytelling perspective balanced with technology and strategy. Our solution is to organize the information in a logical system and funnel the user to the information they are looking for. We will explore the users and their needs in the website discovery session, which will lead to us summarizing and defining the user experience.  This information will help us to create wireframes for the website foundation and user flow. 

Here are a few key phases of our process:

User Experience Discovery Session:

The user experience discovery session is a one-hour session. The user experience session will uncover the needs of your customer and users of the website. This session will facilitate the development of remaining project deliverables. 

User Experience Wireframes:

Visual representations of the layout for each unique content page. The wireframes form the basis for the visual design of the pages using BPR PRO visual brand guidelines. Think of wireframes as the floor plans for the website. 

We take all of this information and translate it into the website design, copy and functionality.  Ultimately, we will create an engaging and functional website that drives leads.  We build websites primarily using the WordPress platform. 


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