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Atomic Idea provides quality brand identity services in Colorado by working as a part of your team and fully immersing ourselves in your business. Once we fully understand who you are, what you provide, and who your audience is, we then build a brand story and promise.

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Tried And Tested Process

As seasoned pros in the field of creative brand strategy in Colorado, we have a process that we follow that has proven successful. Although this process provides a framework, it is not rigid and can be customized depending on your specific needs.

We will begin with a brand assessment and discovery meeting to flesh out and refine the brand positioning. This is a workshop meeting with your team and stakeholders led by Atomic Idea. We ask many questions, listen, and explore the brand attributes.

This will provide a foundation to build upon. We will then review any existing brand messaging, marketing materials, your website, and social media presence, plus some minor market research. From the resulting information and discovery session, we will create a brand story and positioning document, including keywords and distinctions.

Only when the brand is fully realized do we move into brand identity with mood boards and ultimately a brand style guide. Your logo is not just an image but a visual extension of your brand promise; a mark conveying the principles by which your company succeeds.

Why Do You Need To Brand Identity Experts?

Finding new ways to stay competitive and ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms is no easy task for a corporation. Here are a few reasons why you should hire professional brand identity services in Colorado, whether you're starting a new brand or redesigning an existing one:

  • They are equipped with various marketing tools and methods
  • They have knowledge of different technological platforms
  • They have connections and exclusive resources
  • They can give you new perspectives
  • They can boost your business’ success

Enjoy all the advantages of having professional strategists in your marketing efforts. Atomic Idea can give your business top-level brand identity services in Colorado.

Build Your Brand With Us

At Atomic Idea, we believe that in order to be the finest branding services provider in Colorado, one must ensure successful marketing and communications initiatives. To achieve this, there needs to be a strong brand strategy.

Our company employs professionals who are experts in the field of brand development in Colorado. This will guarantee that the services you receive are backed by years of experience and training. Our extensive knowledge of branding will no doubt aid your business in climbing to the top in no time.


Start Up Company

  • Brand discovery, development, strategy.
  • Identity development(mood board, style guide, etc.)
  • Logo, business card, email template
  • Website Development up to 6 pages
  • Sales sheet, 2 pages

Brand Development/Identity

  • Brand discovery, development, strategy.
  • Identity development (mood board, style guide, etc.)

Brand Refresh

  • Brand audit
  • Revised brand identity
  • Website audit
  • Marketing audit

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