Project Overview

Cortet needed to update their trade show booth and create additional sales support tools. They wanted to refresh the look and feel with a more modern and approachable design, without being overly technical. Cortet wanted to evolve the messaging and clarify the Cortet value proposition.

Atomic Strategy

We approached the project holistically, making sure that the booth design, brochure and video were cohesive and aligned with the Cortet brand. The assets were designed to communicate the sales and marketing messages of Cortet in an infographic style. The video used icons, graphics and text animations without voice over. We worked with them from start to finish providing creative concepts, graphic design, scripting, animation and editing.  We created custom icons to reinforce the messaging.

Powerful Results

Cortet made a great impression at their trade show, and the entire team was happy with the redisgned booth, brochure and video. Our contact said “The video turned out fantastic, as I knew it would”.

Atomic Idea masterfully condensed our complex story for our biggest trade show to date. Their strategic partnership combined with their exceptional creativity in video and brochure design were transformative.

– Erik, Director of Marketing


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