CoreVenture Exteriors

Project Overview

CoreVenture Exteriors is an established brand looking to disrupt the roofing industry. They are truly doing things differently and looking to change the perception of roofing contractors in the industry. They needed an agency partner to assist them with analyzing and refining the brand messaging, then act as their marketing team to create several sales assets.

Atomic Strategy

Atomic Idea led the CoreVenture team through a brand workshop focused on messaging and brand positioning. We delivered a brand promise, distinctions and a new tag line. This work was applied to a sales and marketing brochure, power point presentation, and a simple video. We handled the creative, design, copy and production for all projects.

CoreVenture needed a simple sales video to show to property owners and maintenance managers highlighting a specific roofing type, material, and application. We handled shooting the drone footage and editing the video together with graphics and music. this was produced at a very low budget but met the needs of CoreVenture.

Powerful Results

The tag line, “People over Roofs” really communicated the heart of the brand, that people are more important than profits. We were very excited about this tag line and the client loved it!

Atomic Idea was easy to work with and very helpful during each stage of my project.


At Atomic Idea, you’ll work with one of the best brand and marketing teams in Colorado.