Cloudmark Video

Project Overview

Cloudmark, a Proofpoint company, needed a video for a conference that they were attending. They have a very complex product solution and needed a video to convey the key attributes and advantages of the product in a simple and short 60-75 second video.

Atomic Strategy

Duane and Keith worked with Cloudmark, and their digital agency Chronos, to develop story boards, scripting, and graphic assets. We handled all of the production including editing and animation. The timeline for the production was very tight, but we delivered on time. We made sure to have regular communication with all stakeholders to ensure the timeline was met.

Powerful Results

The client is very happy, this is actually the second video we have produced for them, which built off the one we created a year ago. They are very pleased with the results and our client sent an email saying “I really appreciate your efforts on the video. Truly this beat our expectations going in. So, thank you for that!!!” – Stuart. The feedback they received was very positive across the board.

Outstanding!!  Duane, Keith, and Stelios, thank you very much for the new video!  I’m excited to use this for our upcoming event in Japan!

– Stuart Jones


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