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When it comes to starting your own business it can be difficult to say the least. It will mean that in the beginning you are putting in more money than you’re getting out. Since this is the way starting up a new business typically works you certainly want to make sure that what you’re deciding to put your money into the best solutions. What we mean by the best solution is that it will give you the quickest return. Atomic Idea knows exactly how to get a business up and running with the fastest return. We are your one stop shop when it comes to making sure that your business is seen not only by google, the biggest search engine out there, but also by the people who are looking for your service. What does that really include though?

We do it all here at Atomic Idea, providing new and longtime business owners with the works! Whether you need brand identity development, messaging, sales materials, video production, digital marketing, social media, or website development with SEO we can do it. How do you know what you need in order to get things up and going? Here is the basic breakdown.

When it comes to any business you won’t be very successful if you don’t have a website and more than that, it doesn’t mean anything that you have a website if its not searchable. Atomic Idea is skilled in making sure that you have a modern website that is responsive and designed for users that are surfing the web on their phone. More times than not you will get found by people who are searching while on your phone. So, if it isn’t responsive and designed to be used on your phone then you’ll likely lose your potential customer. We take a proactive approach and make sure that everything works seamlessly with SEO that will bring in the right traffic.

That’s not the only thing that is needed though. We have a creative director and graphic designer on our team that will help to create your brand. We will be your complete partner. Your visual presence is important and that is why our team ensures that we aren’t just creating a logo for you, but we are designing your style, colors, and mood for your brand. Doing this allows your brand to be easily recognizable and distinguished from other brands out there.

But like with any business, you need a marketing plan. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered there too. We dedicate ourselves to making you a success. That means we set you up with a marketing plan that is closely monitored to ensure the best results. This is tailored fit for your needs with your end result in mind.

Atomic Idea is all about your brand development and strategy if you haven’t figured that out by now after this blog. The money that you put into your business in the beginning stages is essential to making sure that your business gets off on the right foot and that you start making a return as soon as possible. Our goal is to maximize your investment and get you the deliverables you need. Give us a call today or fill out our online request form!

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