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Digital Ad Agency/Social Media Marketing

Digital Ad Agency/Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing and Social Media needs to be backed by a solid strategy. Our focus is to always support and bolster the brand. Gaining as much exposure as possible through the various recommended platforms is central to a strong strategy for customer engagement and brand loyalty.

All social media campaigns are designed to encourage dialog about the brand, products, or services.Content pillars will begin to be fleshed out and we'll identify your ideal customer and tone of voice of the brand. This ensures that all social media postings are on brand and stay true to your brand voice and tone. Consistency is key. 

We will explore what content is resonating with your audience and where improvement is needed. Ultimately we want to establish a clear guide for content for ongoing consistency. 

A perfect compliment to Social Media Marketing is Paid Digital Advertising (PPC). Atomic Idea works with you to define your audience, goals, and budgets to create a strategic and effective digital paid marketing campaign. We will handle everything form strategy to creative to management and execution of the campaign. We understand that budgets are precious and sometimes limited so we work hard to maximize your investment.

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