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Improving Warming Trends’ Performance Through Videos

Warming Trends is a supplier of fire systems, with a wide range of solutions and products available. Leading the industry with a highly-engineered, precision product, Warming Trends is the original and only manufacturer of the CROSSFIRE Brass Burner. Warming Trends has a sponsorship deal with Techo Bloc and needed to produce a series of videos to be hosted on the Hardscaper platform. Warming Trends needed a production partner to create and produce a series of three videos to showcase the company, technology, products, and uses.

Keith and Duane discussed the project with the Warming Trends team and decided that the best approach would be to use employees as hosts, filming them in studio with a clean white background and then create a graphic package to deliver the additional content. We filmed the hosts in studio delivering the content, and utilized custom infographic style graphics and text animations to deliver key points. We used some existing product footage and photos. This allowed for a personal delivery of the content by the on-screen host.

Duane and Keith (under Ciacco Consulting) handled all creative, scriptwriting, graphics, filming, editing and final delivery of the videos.  Warming Trends was very happy with the outcome and the videos have helped to increase sales and provide education to their dealers. We were also able to complete the project at a very competitive cost, meeting their limited budget.

We produced three videos each about 7 minutes in length. the sample video here is a compilation of the three videos to showcase the overall project.

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