Case Study: SkyView Academy

Client Overview

SkyView Academy conducted an agency search in order to find a marketing partner to provide a wide variety of marketing and consulting services for the school. Up until then, they had been using internal resources and freelancers. They wanted more strategic direction and consistency in their efforts.

Project Summary


Atomic Idea was up against several other agencies, many much bigger in size.  SkyView selected Atomic Idea as their new agency of record in February of 2019.  We needed to perform a marketing audit assessing the past efforts, and prioritizing the immediate needs for SkyView. Based on that work, Atomic Idea worked to provide strategic thinking, brand refinement, and a marketing team to support their limited in house resources.


Atomic Idea has become the extended marketing and PR department for SkyView. Atomic Idea has provided enhancements to the SkyView website in design, optimization, and speed, improved search results in google, plus assisted in the enrollment postcard campaign and created graphic documents such as the Annual Report and Strategic Plan. In addition to marketing, Atomic Idea is now the lead for SkyView’s Public Relations.


The SkyView leadership team, board of directors and many of the staff have commented about the improvements made by Atomic Idea.  The visual identity of the brand has been refined and made much more consistent across all touchpoints.

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