Case Study: Print/Collateral Design

Client Overview

Print is not dead - despite what you've heard. It is still a very relevant and tangible way to tell your brand story or deliver a sales message. Sometimes print is the best solution based on the usage and sales process.

Project Summary


No matter what the need is: from brochures to point of purchase displays to direct mail to tradeshow collateral and even packaging - we have the experience and creativity to design a printed piece that will showcase your unique story. 


We work with you throughout the process to ensure that your print piece is well designed, engaging and cohesive with your exsiting brand standards.  We are able to assist with printing as well, handling sourcing, print checks, etc. 


Results vary per project and client.  Ultimately it is our goal to drive brand awareness and leads where applicable. 


Form follows function. It needs to drive results no matter how good it looks. We do not just deisgn to be creative, but we allow strategy and goals to drive creative! 

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