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Re-Creating The CTSI Brand

CTSI provides Colorado counties with alternative risk management and other technical services that are progressive, competitive and cost-effective. CTSI was seeking an agency partner to refresh/rebuild their website. CTSI desired a more visually impactful design, a cleaner and simpler user experience, plus a better way to organize the content and videos.

The CTSI brand was outdated and dull.  It lacked connection to their core audience and did not speak to their strengths. Visually the brand was expressed in a non-engaging way, and lacked visual interest.

Atomic Idea felt that CTSI needed to address the brand before jumping into a website redevelopment. We expressed to CTSI that this would provide the best foundation to successfully build a new website that met their needs and reflected their brand.

Atomic Idea proposed a brand discovery and refresh phase, including the color palette, visuals and brand presence. This would give us a strong foundation to build the new website upon.

Atomic Idea led CTSI through a brand discovery session to develop the brand story, promise and messaging.  In addition, we refreshed the logo and provided a brand style guide.  We designed and developed the new CTSI website with a process consisting of a discovery meeting, wireframes and user flows, design and final programming.

The new CTSI website is more modern and provides a better user experience. We addressed the issue of content overload, which had caused users to get “lost” on the website. We created wireframes and user personas to better understand the needs of the users and how to design the website to best provide the content they need. The new design follows the brand refresh Atomic Idea completed and gives the website a modern and clean feel.

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